Omicron Engineering is a small Minority Small Business (Certified by the City of Phoenix). We specialize in helping our clients with comprehensive, quick, efficient mechanical, electrical and plumbing projects. The Principal Engineer and key personnel of the company will complete all field work and documentation.

Mechanical/HVAC -

  1. Boilers

  2. Chillers

  3. Cooling Towers

  4. Air Handlers/Fans

  5. Pumps/Piping Distribution

  6. DX/Unitary Air Conditioning

  7. Temperature/Humidity Control

  8. Ventilation Systems

  9. Building Control Systems

  10. Energy Studies & Models


  1. Domestic & Industrial Water

  2. Sanitary Waste

  3. Special Waste

  4. Special Interceptors/traps

  5. Ejector pumps/lift stations

Mechanical/Process -

  1. Compressed Air

  2. Bulk Gas Distribution

  3. Purified Water Systems (RO/DI)

  4. Fuel-Oil Distribution Systems


  1. Distribution

  2. Switchboards/Switchgear

  3. Generators

  4. Motor Control Centers

  5. Power Management


  1. Industrial/Commercial

  2. Interior & Exterior Lighting

  3. Photometrics/Lighting Controls

  4. Structured Wiring


Our efficient operation will be directly involved with every project. The Principal Engineer of the Firm (Steve Sanders, PE) will be available to make field visits and evaluate all projects. Omicron is experienced in new and renovation work. We can ‘as-build’ any existing facility or system. In order to meet our client’s needs, Omicron Engineering has used some of the following resources and methods:

Documentation/Records -

  1. Building Information Modeling (BIM)

  2. 3-D Layouts - Central Plants & Piping

  3. “As-Built” - On site, field work and documentation

  4. Operation & Maintenance Documentation

  5. Commissioning Services

Evaluation/Modeling -

  1. BIM Parametric Data

  2. Energy Models - Trane Trace energy models

Omicron Engineering, PLC

2875 W. Ray Road, Suite 6-356

Chandler, Arizona

(480) 634-6877

         (480) 393-7130 [fax]

In the past, we have designed, upgraded, commissioned and provided engineering services for the following types of systems and equipment: